540-443-1500 (M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)


Main St Spring

The following service changes will be in place for Spring Semester:

  • Spring Service
    • No 10 minute frequency
    • Most routes will run on 15 minute frequency: CAS, CRC, HDG, HWA, HWB, HXP, MSN, MSS, PHD, PRB, PRO, TOM, UCB, UMS
    • 30 minute frequency will remain on CBD and MSA
    • TTT will continue to run hourly service
    • Routes will run the same service M-F (no alternate Friday schedule)
    • BT will have 5 Intermediate Service days to accommodate for the VT break days - 2/5, 2/25, 3/17, 4/6, 4/26
  • HXP and CAS changes
    • Both Routes
      • 15-minute frequency on both routes during Full Service, with a total of 4 new bus stops.
      • Duck Pond Road and Smith´Čüeld Lots continue to be serviced by both routes.
      • Two stops added in the Cage Lot serviced by both routes
    • Hokie Express
      • Duck Pond Road Lot is serviced both ways
    • Campus Shuttle
      • Expanded service to Chicken Hill Lot and Beamer Way
      • Duck Pond Road Lot is serviced both ways
      • Two additional stops added on extended side of Beamer Way and the Chicken Hill parking lot area