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Commencement Service *Starts at 7 am*

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Reduced Alt. Service
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May 13, 2023

Service is expected to begin at 7 am due to Virginia Tech Commencement. 

BT is operating Commencement service in Blacksburg; service begins at 7 am, and ends at 9:15 pm.

*** Below is the expected service information, however this information is subject to change. Check or call 540-443-1500 for more information ***

Blacksburg Routes in service: 

  • HDG / HWD - Operates hourly, starting at Ascot Lane (Windsor Hills) at 7am; first trip from Oak Lane at 7:30 am. Last trip from Newman to Ascot Lane at 8:45 am; last trip from Newman to Oak Lane at 8:15 pm.
  • MSN / MSS - Operates hourly departinng from Red Maple (Maple Ridge) at 7 am; first trip from Fairfax/Ellet Rd., at 7:30 am. Last trip from Squires West to Red Maple at 1:45 am; last trip from Squires East to Fairfax at 2:15 am.
  • TOM - Operates every 30 mins, departing from University City / Toms Creek (by Shawnee pool) at 7 am. Last trip from Burruss to Toms Creek at 8:45 am.
  • TTT - Operates hourly, with first trip from Hospital to Campus departing at 7 am. Last trip from Squires to Christiansburg at 8:15 pm.

Not in service: Carpenter Boulevard, CRC, Hokie ExpressMain Street - Givens, South Main - Airport Rd., Patrick Henry, Patrick Henry B, Progress St. and UCB

Christiansburg service is following the year-round schedule.

Follow these links for more information about each: Blacksburg Routes & SchedulesChristiansburg RoutesHours & Service Info