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Due to manpower issues, BT will be implenting service changes on the following routes beginning Sunday, 10/10: CRC, Hokie Express, Progress St, and University Mall Shuttle. These reductions are being made to account for current staffing constraints but will also allow for us to provide more reliable and greater on-time service throughout the system.

 The following service changes begin 10/10

  • CRC will transition to 22 minute frequency beginning at 12:30 pm Monday-Friday.
    • CRC will have the same timing after 12:30 pm as on Intermediate service.
  • Hokie Express (HXP) will be combined with the Harding/Hethwood route beginning at 9:30 pm Monday-Sunday.
    • No late night service to Smithfield or Cage Lots.
    • Time check after 9:30 pm will be at Newman Library at :00 after the hour and Oak Lane at approximately :07 after the hour.
  • Progress St (PRO) will end service at 6:30 pm Monday-Friday.
    • After 6:30 pm, PRO riders should use PHD, TOM, or UCB.
  • University Mall Shuttle (UMS) will end service at 6:30 pm Monday-Friday.
    • After 6:30 pm, UMS riders should use TOM or UCB.
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