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Carpenter Boulevard Route (CRB) is out of service this afternoon. Please use HWD routes.

Routes Affected:

  • CRB (Carpenter Blvd)

Type: Route

Cause: Maintenance

Effect: No Service

More Info:

Like many businesses both in the US and globally, BT is experiencing severe staffing shortages.

As a result of these staffing issues, we will have fewer buses on the road this semester. Fewer buses on routes sometimes translates into full buses or very crowded buses especially in the 20 minutes before classes begin in the morning.

Our goal is to ensure the service is consistent every day and to prevent unexpected service reductions. While there are fewer buses, we’ve also adjusted a couple routes to better meet our passenger’s needs, more info can be found here:

How to make sure you get to campus on time:

  • Start Earlier: Buses are typically busiest, and fullest, 20 minutes before classes begin in the morning. Start at least 30 minutes early!
  • Catch Any BT Bus: All BT buses in Blacksburg go to central campus. If you are at a stop that serves multiple BT routes get on the first BT bus you can. Do not wait for the bus that gets you closest to your on campus destination, as that bus may be full.
  • Cross the Street: Some streets are served by multiple routes, try crossing the street and catching the bus before it gets to major apartment complexes or busy stops to ensure you get on the bus.

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