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will run on Reduced Service beginning on May 13 through August. Christiansburg service will continue to operate on year-round service. Please see the link for more information.

Type: Agency

Cause: Other

Effect: Reduced Service

More Info:

BT will run detour multiple routes due to construction. Detours are subject to change as construction finishes and new construction begins. On 5/17 and 5/19, CRC,HWA, HWB, and UCB will have different detours in place due to additional paving.

Routes Affected:

  • CAS (Campus Shuttle)
  • CRC (Corporate Research Center)
  • HWA (Hethwood A)
  • HWB (Hethwood B)
  • HWD (Hethwood)
  • HXP (Hokie Express)
  • PHD (Patrick Henry)
  • PRO (Progress Street)
  • TOM (Toms Creek)
  • UCB (University City Blvd)

Type: Route

Cause: Construction

Effect: Detour

More Info:

Main St Spring

Virginia Tech Basketball Service


Blacksburg Transit offers fare free Basketball Shuttles that circulate between Cassell Coliseum, South Stadium lot (Lot 2), and the Litton Reaves lot (Lot 8) for each men's and women’s basketball game. The shuttles run for three hours prior to tip off and two hours after the game, circulating every fifteen minutes. Shuttle service to the Chicken Hill Lot (Lot 5) will begin once the South Stadium lot is full. Note: BT does not provide shuttle service to Lot 1 or 4.

After the Game: The shuttles pick up/drop off in front of the west doors located on Beamer Way. The shuttles proceed to the Chicken Hill lot (Lot 5), South Stadium lot (Lot 2), and the Litton Reaves lot (Lot 8).
Click here for Virginia Tech Game Day Parking & Traffic Information 

A Map of the pickup locations can be found here: Basketball Shuttle Pick-up Locations

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