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No changes to service in C'burg and B'burg

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Cause: Weather

Effect: Unknown

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Below is a list of all routes currently in service. This varies depending on the time of day, day of week, and the service level. For instance, during Full service, Monday through Friday, all routes are in service but during evenings, weekends and reduced service some routes may not be in service

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Regular Service

Blacksburg Transit (#1649)
5:00 PM EST
Main/Clay Nbnd (#1626)
5:08 PM EST
Squires Wbnd (#1113)
5:16 PM EST
Hutcheson Hall (#1107)
5:18 PM EST
Harper Hall (#1126)
5:23 PM EST
West Campus/Perry Nbnd (#1103)
5:26 PM EST
Prices Fork/Old Glade Wbnd (#1200)
5:31 PM EST
Northgate Plaza/Cambria (#2132)
5:45 PM EST
Oak Tree/Patricks Way Wbnd (#2128)
5:48 PM EST
Oaktree/Providence Way Wbnd (#2151)
5:49 PM EST
Oak Tree/Gold Leaf Wbnd (#2129)
5:50 PM EST
Independence/Freedom Ebnd (#2130)
5:51 PM EST
Wades/N. Franklin Wbnd (#2150)
5:54 PM EST
Clearview/Kamran Sbnd (#2148)
5:56 PM EST
Clearview/Williams Sbnd (#2146)
5:56 PM EST
Highview/Mountainview Sbnd (#2137)
6:00 PM EST
Phlegar/Second Nbd (#2136)
6:01 PM EST
First/Hickok Ebnd (#2134)
6:01 PM EST
Montgomery County Courthouse (#2110)
6:03 PM EST
Roanoke/Roberts Ebnd (#2131)
6:05 PM EST
Montgomery County Govt Center (#2100)
6:05 PM EST