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BT will begin new passenger limits for Fall 2020 starting 8/9.

Type: Agency

Cause: Other

Effect: Other

More Info: ridebt.org/fall2020

VT Student Move In will cause significant traffic congestion on Washington Street and the south side of the Drillfield. During this event, BT will detour some of our routes beginning 8/14-8/22.

Routes Affected:

  • CRC (Corporate Research Center)
  • HDG (Harding Ave)
  • TOM (Toms Creek)

Type: Route

Cause: Other

Effect: Detour

More Info: http://ridebt.org/news-alerts/242-move-in-detours-8-14-8-23

Intermediate Service

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Intermediate Service
Event date:
October 04, 2019

BT is operating on "INTERMEDIATE" Service. Hours of Operation are the same as Full Service. Most routes will operate on 30 minute frequency from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., after which time service will decrease, depending on the route.

Please check the News & Events section of our website for updates as additional service and/or frequency may be added.

All service in Christiansburg, including the Commuter and Tuesday routes will operate as normal. 

Blacksburg Routes Operating:Carpenter BlvdCRCHethwood AHethwood BHarding AvenueHokie ExpressMain StreetPatrick HenryProgress StreetToms CreekTwo Town TrolleyUniversity City Boulevard and University Mall Shuttle

For more information please visit www.ridebt.org, call 540-961-1185, Email us, Tweet us @Ride_BT, or Facebook message us.