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Due to construction on West Campus Dr and Stanger St, BT will detour multiple routes beginning 7/13.

Routes Affected:

  • HWD (Hethwood)
  • PHD (Patrick Henry)
  • PRB (Progress B)
  • TOM (Toms Creek)
  • UCB (University City Blvd)

Type: Route

Cause: Construction

Effect: Detour

More Info: https://ridebt.org/news-alerts/209-detour-5-20-6-28-west-campus-dr

BT will begin new passenger limits for Fall 2020 starting 8/9.

Type: Agency

Cause: Other

Effect: Other

More Info: ridebt.org/fall2020

Frequently Asked Questions about BT's TIGGER Grant

What does TIGGER mean? Transit Investment in Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction. The program was developed by the Federal Transit Administration for public transportation agencies to implement new strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or reduce energy use within transit operations. For more information about the TIGGER program, please visit: http://www.fta.dot.gov/12351_11424.html

What is the goal of TIGGER? We hope to be reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving routing and scheduling efficiency. We plan to accomplish this using various technologies, which we will test in spring 2014. We hope that we will be able to see where the most demand is and send buses to those stops, and not service stops that are not being used.

How will TIGGER affect me? TIGGER will utilize two study routes, Hethwood and CRC, and will deploy test equipment on those routes. The equipment is designed to gauge rider demand, (the number of people waiting at a stop), before the bus shows up. Knowing demand prior to sending a bus to a stop will allow us to know where buses are needed and where they are not.

Will my commute change? We plan to have the technology in place to alter routing and scheduling in the spring. The study will be live from February to May 2014. During the study you may notice changes in the service level, but that is not known for certain at this time.

What are the next steps in the "Dynamic Routing and Scheduling Study project? A survey has been sent out to gauge VT opinion about the various technologies we may test. Over the winter, BT and VTTI will be working towards procuring the technologies needed to assess demand. We will have an app in beta in January 2014, and a full version in February. We also plan to begin collecting data in February.

Will there be more opportunities to learn about the "Dynamic Routing and Scheduling Study?" Yes, we will be hosting an App Kick-off event in the spring, as well as a general spring progress meeting. We will be updating this site periodically, so stay tuned.

TIGGER PowerPoints

TIGGER Marketing Plan


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