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Main St Spring


Multiple routes on detour due to student move-in and street closures.

Routes Affected:

  • CBD (Carpenter Blvd)
  • CRC (Corporate Research Center)
  • HDG (Harding Ave)
  • HWB (Hethwood B)
  • HXP (Hokie Express)
  • TOM (Toms Creek)

Type: Route

Cause: Other

Effect: Detour

More Info: https://www.ridebt.org/news-alerts/164-student-move-in-detours-wed-8-21-sat-8-24

The following stops will be closed during Student move-in:

Stops Affected:

  • Hutcheson Hall (#1107)
  • War Memorial Hall (#1108)
  • McComas Hall (#1123)
  • Cassell Coliseum (#1124)
  • Tennis Courts (#1125)
  • Lane Stadium S Endzone Sbnd (#1127)
  • Lane Stadium S Endzone Nbnd (#1128)
  • Coliseum Parking Lot Sbnd (#1129)

Type: Stop

Cause: Other

Effect: Other

More Info: https://www.ridebt.org/news-alerts/164-student-move-in-detours-wed-8-21-sat-8-24

Blacksburg Transit regularly offers part-time transportation planning internship opportunities, usually for academic credit as a field-study option for college students. The purpose of the internship program is to provide exposure to and gain experience related to decision-making at Blacksburg Transit and regional transportation/transit planning at the MPO level. The focus is on dissemination of study findings, responding to bus service requests, and writing/summarizing/organizing transit planning efforts.

The following internships are offered:

  • Transportation Planning Internship: Follow the link for the job description and required skills.
  • GIS & Planning Internship: Follow the link for the job description and required skills.

Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students, and for recent graduates on a case-by-case basis.

Successful completion of the internship will result in three credit hours for those enrolled as students, (e.g., via VT's UAP/GEOG 4964). Both positions are generally 12-16 hours per week to be performed onsite at BT, with flexible scheduling arrangements generally during the Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. workweek. Internships are unpaid.

To be considered please submit a cover letter, resume, list of relevant experience, classes, and projects to Erik Olsen, BT Transportation Planner, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To learn more about the BT Transportation Planning Internship Program, contact Erik Olsen at 540-443-1514