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Want to know more about the live map? Follow these tips to get the most out of the map!

  • Bus Icons: The buses on the map represent actual buses and move around following their current route and location. If the bus isn't moving, then it is likely sitting at a stop/time check.
  • Bus Colors: The buses are color-coded by route. During full service there will be multiple buses of the same color on the same route, this is normal!
  • Click on a Bus: Clicking on a bus, or selecting a route from the drop-down menu, will highlight the route for that bus. Only one route is displayed at a time.
  • Hover over a Bus: Hovering over a bus will display some useful information such as the route name, the last stop served and most importantly, the last date & time the GPS information was received.
  • Click on a Route: After clicking on a bus and displaying the route, clicking on the colored route line will take you to the route and schedule for that route.


  • Why aren't all the routes listed on the drop down menu/shown on the map? This is a live map, so it only displays the routes that are operating at that moment. Click for a Full list of routes & downloadable schedules.
  • Why aren't bus stops displayed on the live map? With 36 buses during full service we didn't want to add too much information to the live map. If you'd like to see the stops and departure information just click on the route.
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Thursday, April 09, 2020
Friday, April 10, 2020
Saturday, April 11, 2020

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Green represents Full Service Full Service

DarkGreen represents Full Service Full Alt

Orange represents Intermediate Service Intermediate Service

Yellow represents Reduced Service Reduced Service

PaleOrange represents Reduced Service Reduced Alt

Maroon represents No Service No Service

Blue represents Events Events



News & Events

Service has Resumed

5:15 pm - Service has resumed; MSS may experience delays due to debris in the road.

4:55 pm Due to current weather conditions BT is pausing service until further notice. Buses will stop at a safe location and remain there until it is safe to resume service.


Pause in Service: During a significant or fast-moving weather event, BT may temporarily pause service until conditions allow service to resume safely.

Detours 4/6 - 4/11

The partial lane closure on the Torgersen (Westbound) side of Alumni Mall on VT campus will cause BT to detour several routes.

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BT Spring Service Info - Updated 4/7/2020

As BT continues to monitor the events surrounding COVID-19 additional service changes are necessary to reflect our current ridership.

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