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CAS suspended for remainder of semester; CRC to operate on intermediate service & serve chicken hill on all inbound trips.

Type: Route

Cause: Other

Effect: Modified Service

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Expect significant delays on the UCB route due to mechanical issues.

Type: Route

Cause: Maintenance

Effect: Significant Delays

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UMall shuttle route has been cancelled today. Please use Toms Creek or UCB routes.

Type: Route

Cause: Other

Effect: No Service

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Snow Stanger


** Fare payments are temporarily suspended until further notice.** Passengers do not need to display their Hokie Passport, pay fare or purchase monthly passes.

Exact fare is required. Blacksburg Transit operators cannot make change. Please have exact fare, a valid pass, Virginia Tech ID, VCOM ID, Town of Blacksburg, or BT ID ready when boarding the bus. Passes can also be used on the Christiansburg service. Examples of accepted Hokie Passports.

Monthly Passes

Monthly passes are available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Blacksburg: Blacksburg Municipal Building, located at 300 S. Main St.
  • Christiansburg: Christiansburg Town Hall, the Aquatic Center and the Recreation Center.

Passes are accepted on all routes in Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Examples of accepted monthly passes.

 Fares1 Month Pass6 Month Pass
Adult $0.50 $8 $37.50
Ages 3 - 17 (not valid on BT Access) $0.25 $4 $18.75
Less than 3 years Free Free Free
Ages 65 and over  (not valid on BT Access) $0.25 $4 $18.75
Persons with disabilities and Medicare card holders 
(not valid on BT Access)
$0.25 $4 $18.75
Virginia Tech students, faculty and staff Pre-Paid Pre-Paid Pre-Paid
VCOM students* Pre-Paid Pre-Paid Pre-Paid
LCI student passes* Pre-Paid Pre-Paid Pre-Paid

* Click for examples of accepted Hokie Passports, and accepted monthly passes.


If you are paying a cash fare and you need to take more than one bus to get to your final destination, ask the operator when you board the first bus for a transfer slip. Let your operator know which bus/route you are transferring to so, if needed, the operator can call ahead to hold your next bus. A transfer is valid for one hour from the time it is made and may not be used for making roundtrips. Transfers are valid on all routes in Blacksburg and Christiansburg, including transferring between the two towns.

Fare Free Days

Blacksburg Transit offers fare free service during the following events:

  • Fourth of July, (shuttles only)
  • Steppin' Out, (local summer festival held the first weekend in August)