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How to Ride information is also available in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Spanish, please see below for translations.

Find a BT bus stop. All BT stops are marked with a BT sign marking the stop and an additional informational sign listing the stop name, number and the routes that serve that location. To find a bus stop near you, download the Blacksburg Transit app and let the app find your closest stop. Note: BT will only pick up passengers at designated bus stops and does not honor flag requests.

No Smartphone? Our trip planner is also accessible from our website.

Wait at a BT bus stop. Arrive early! All departure times are estimates, so we recommend arriving at the stop five minutes early. Make sure you’re standing at the stop, so the driver knows you need to be picked up.

All BT vehicles are wheelchair accessible, with two wheelchair securements. Our large buses used in Blacksburg have low floors meaning there are no steps at the entryway. Drivers may also kneel or lower the bus and deploy a ramp if needed. The seats near the front of the bus are reserved for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Peak Ridership. During busy times the bus may be overcrowded. Please move to the back of the bus, and fill from the back of the bus to the front. Seating near the front of the bus is reserved for the elderly and persons with disabilities, while not in use the driver may ask passengers to keep these seats folded up to allow for additional standing room.

Requesting a stop. Drivers do not stop at every stop, so passengers must signal their need to exit by pulling the yellow stop request cord giving the driver enough advance notice to safely stop the bus.

Exiting the bus. Please exit the bus through the rear door and cross behind the bus at the nearest crosswalk.

How To Ride is also available in the following languages: