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540-443-1500 (M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

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Snow Stanger

Think you've lost something on the bus? Fill out the form below and we'll try to help reunite you with your item. 

Items left on the bus will remain there until the end of the day. Your best chance of claiming the item is to return to the same bus - most routes take 30 minutes to complete. If you got off the bus at stop 1214 at 3:58 pm, the same bus will be back around 4:28 and 4:58 pm.Call us if you need assistance locating the correct bus 540-443-1500.

We will secure all items that are turn into our Lost & Found and store them according to the below before either returning to the issuing agency or disposing of the item.

Bank Card/Drivers License, etc. 15 days Destroy cards
Bicycles 60 days Sell at Town Auction
Books (including text books) 60 days Donate to local Thrift Store
Books (Library) Immediate Return Return to issuing Library
Cash 60 days Deposit into fare box
Cell Phones 60 days Donate to phone recycling program
Clothing, Jewelry & Small Electronics 60 days Donate to local Thrift Store
Keys - VT Property 15 days Return to VT
Keys - All others 60 days Trash
Perishable Items (including liquids) Immediate Disposal Trash
Umbrellas & Water Bottles 15 days Donate to local Thrift Store
VT Hokie Passport 10 days Return to VT
Wallets 15 - 60 days After 15 days - Destroy bank cards & ID's. Return Hokie P to VT
After 60 days - Deposit cash into fare box. Once wallet is emptied, donate to local thrift store