540-443-1500 (M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)


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Any item left on the bus will remain there until the end of the day. If you remember the bus number, you can get on that bus and check with the operator; unclaimed items will be turned in to BT at the end of the day. Blacksburg Transit is not responsible for items lost or left on the bus. If you think you may have left an item on the bus call 540-443-1500 and our staff will attempt to locate the item.

All items found on BT buses will be logged in to lost and found the following business day. Items will be held in the Lost & Found storage room and logged according to the date the item was found along with a detailed description. All items will be kept until the owner claims them, or until 60 days have passed, whichever occurs first with the exception of Virginia Tech property, ID’s and bank cards. After 60 days the items will be disposed of accordingly.

  • Virginia Tech property, ID’s and bank cards will only be held for 15 days. After 15 days unclaimed property will be returned to the issuing agency.

If, after 60 days items have not been claimed they will be disposed of in the following manner:

Bank Card/Drivers License, etc. 15 days Attempt to contact owner. If unclaimed after 15 days items will be returned to issuing agency. If no mailing address, card will be destroyed.
Bicycles 60 days Sold at Town Auction
Books (including text books) 60 days Donated to local Thrift Store
Cash 60 days Deposited into fare box
Cell Phones 60 days Donated to phone recycling program
Clothing 60 days Donated to local Thrift Store
Jewelry 60 days Donated to local Thrift Store
Keys - VT Property 15 days Returned to VT
Keys - All others 60 days Trash
Perishable Items Immediate Disposal Trash
Small Electronics (e.g. gameboys, Calculators, etc.) 60 days Donated to local Thrift Store.
VT Hokie Passport 15 days If unclaimed, ID will be returned to VT Hokie Passport Office.
Wallets 15 - 60 days After 15 days - Credit Cards & ID's will be returned to issuing agency.
After 60 days - Cash will be deposited into fare box. Once wallet is emptied, wallet will be donated to local thrift store.

Please fill out the form below to notify us about items that have been left on one of our buses.