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Stop #1627 near Cabo Fish Taco will be closed until further notice. Alternate stops: #1628 near the post office or #1626 near Blacksburg Books in Clay Court.

Type: Stop

Cause: Construction

Effect: Other

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No service to Oak Lane stops from 8 AM - 5 PM Tuesday and 7 AM - 11 AM Wednesday.

Type: Route

Cause: Other

Effect: Detour

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Snow Stanger

During inclement weather, the decision to run service or not will be based on public safety and road conditions. BT will monitor the weather, assess road conditions, and consult with Town of Blacksburg officials to determine whether service can be safely provided.

If it is determined to be safe to operate, detours may be necessary and some stops may be temporarily closed. If you use stops on these streets, please confirm if BT is able to service the stop: Ascot Lane (HDG), Broce Drive (TOM), Heather Drive (HWA), Marlington Street (MSS), Patrick Henry Ebnd (PRB), Progress Street (PRB & PRO) and Seneca Drive (MSN & PHD).

We urge all passengers to consider their safety before venturing out into inclement weather.

The service in Christiansburg may be affected in a different manner than Blacksburg service depending on road conditions. It may be possible that Blacksburg service continues un-interrupted, while Christiansburg service may be reduced, or vice-versa.

Potential Service Levels during Inclement Weather:

  • Delay of Service: The start of service may be delayed to allow time for improved road conditions.
  • Pause in Service: During a significant or fast-moving weather event, BT may temporarily pause service until conditions allow service to resume safely.
  • No Service: During times of severe weather or adverse road conditions BT may end service early or cancel service for the entire day. If service ends early, every effort will be made to return riders home safely. This may include a gradual phase out of service.

The most current information will be posted on the BT website, App and social media platforms.

Information will also available on BT’s main phone line at 540-443-1500 and posted to the News & Alerts page.