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Construction will close a portion of Stanger Street beginning Monday, 5/16. BT routes will detour away from this area during the duration of work. BT will plan to resume normal Service on Saturday, 8/13, unless construction is delayed. See link for detour information

Routes Affected:

  • HWD (Hethwood)
  • TOM (Toms Creek)

Type: Route

Cause: Construction

Effect: Detour

More Info:

Due to construction the UCB time check at Patrick Henry/Toms Creek Ebnd (Stop #1323) is temporarily closed. The time check has been relocated to Stop 1324.

Type: Stop

Cause: Construction

Effect: Stop Moved

More Info:

Snow Stanger

Blacksburg Transit planning staff is involved with multiple organizations to help further the development of public transportation in the New River Valley and the state of Virginia. A partial list includes: New River Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board, MPO Technical Advisory Committee, NRV Transportation Technical Advisory Committee, the Regional Transit Coordinating Council, the Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment (VTCAC) subcommittee, NRV Vision 2020 update, the Town of Blacksburg's Development Review meetings, the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, and various BT operations and other relevant meetings.

Transportation Planning at Blacksburg Transit involves a wide variety of projects, a sample of which can be found below.

Planning staff are very active in managing the bus stop improvement program, such as analyzing needs, programming new shelters and other bus stop improvements, and making sure existing bus stops are well maintained. Another important task is to evaluate proposed new developments to determine bus route service needs and infrastructure improvements including sidewalk and bicycle path connections.