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How do I figure out what route I need to use?

We have a trip planner available online and on our mobile app, Blacksburg Transit. Users enter their origin and destination addresses and choose a specific date and time. The trip planner will then provide directions to the closest stop, estimated departure time and which route to catch. You can also view our system map to determine which route to use.

Help, I still don't understand the routes/schedules!

We have friendly, helpful staff who are willing to help you plan your trip. Call us at 540-443-1500 or reach out to us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Will the same route get me home?

Yes, but sometimes you can get home quicker by catching a different route. Typically this happens in the area serviced by the Patrick Henry, Progress Street, Toms Creek and University City Boulevard routes. Our app and trip planner can help you figure this out; sometimes it’s as simple as crossing the street.

How do I get to the Math Emporium?

If you are a first year student you will need to go here frequently! During Full service, weekdays you will need to catch the Toms Creek or University City Blvd routes. These routes will take you the closest to the Math Emporium. UCB is the fastest route from campus and TOM is the fastest return trip to campus.

How do I know where to catch the bus on campus?

There are five time check locations on campus: Burruss Hall, Torgersen Hall, Newman Library, Squires East and Squires West. All buses time check at one of these locations:

  • Burruss Hall: Campus Shuttle, Hethwood A, Hethwood/Harding Ave combined, University City Boulevard and U-Mall Shuttle
  • Torgersen Hall: Hethwood B, Toms Creek
  • Newman Library: Carpenter Boulevard, CRC Shuttle, Hokie Expres
  • Squires East: Harding Avenue, Main Street South, Progress Street, Two Town Trolley
  • Squires West: Main Street North, Patrick Henry, Progress B

How can I get to my class if the buses are always full

Plan ahead, don't wait for the 7:45 a.m. bus to get to your 8 a.m. class, try catching the bus that leaves 10 or 20 minutes prior. If you live in areas that are served by multiple routes, e.g. Patrick Henry/Progress Street, Hethwood, etc., consider crossing the street and catching a different bus. You might spend a few extra minutes on the bus, but hopefully it means that you caught the bus!

Why are there multiple schedules for each route?

Most routes have multiple schedules available, these are broken down according to: Weekday Full Service, Weekend Full Service, Friday Late Night Service, Reduced Weekdays, Reduced Weekends. While this sounds complicated, the first thing to know is if we are operating on "Full Service" or "Reduced Service."

Full Service vs. Reduced Service, What is the difference?

Reduced Service is considered the base service or the minimum level of service BT provides. As a general rule, BT operates on Reduced service during off-peak times of the year for example from mid May to mid August. Full service means the service has been enhanced from the base level, so during the peak times of the year we operate on Full service. For example: mid August to mid December and again from mid January to mid May. There are some exceptions so check our service calendar regularly.

Full Service, Reduced Service, Weekends, How do I know which to follow?

Look at our homepage, in the center of the page you will see the front of the bus and today's date, it will also tell you which service level we're operating on. Take a look at the service calendar to figure out the schedule for a different date.

Why isn't every stop listed in the route schedule?

We have over 250 stops, just in Blacksburg. This would make the route schedule really complex!

What is a time check?

Most routes have two time checks, which mark a point the bus must be at, at a certain time. Our schedule operates on departure times, so if a bus gets to a time check early then it cannot leave until the time check is met. These are used as points of reference for riders and drivers, to make sure we stay on schedule. Time checks are marked on the maps with yellow triangles.

Where can I get off the bus?

Our buses will only stop at designated BT bus stops.

How do I let the Driver know which stop I need?

Make sure to pull the yellow stop request cord to let the driver know you need the next stop - make sure to do this with plenty of advanced notice. Need help? Let the driver know where you're going and they'll make sure you get off at the right stop.

When will the bus be at my stop?

If your stop is not listed as a time check, then you will need to guesstimate when the bus will arrive. For example, University City Boulevard time checks at Patrick Henry at 8 a.m., and it takes 15 minutes to get to campus. Or, you can use our live map on our website or download our app. We recommend getting to a stop 5 minutes before the predicted time as buses will only wait at time checks.

What if I lost something on the bus?

Please fill out our lost and found form. Lost items are available for pickup Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Items lost on the bus will stay on the bus until it returns to BT at the end of the service day. The best way to reunite with your item the same day is by meeting up with the bus you rode. Need help finding it? Call us at 540-443-1500 or reach out to us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).