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Construction will close a portion of Stanger Street beginning Monday, 5/16. BT routes will detour away from this area during the duration of work. BT will plan to resume normal Service on Saturday, 8/13, unless construction is delayed. See link for detour information

Routes Affected:

  • HWA (Hethwood A)
  • HWB (Hethwood B)
  • HWD (Hethwood)
  • PHD (Patrick Henry Dr)
  • PRO (Progress Street)
  • TOM (Toms Creek)
  • UCB (University City Blvd)

Type: Route

Cause: Construction

Effect: Detour

More Info:

Due to construction the UCB time check at Patrick Henry/Toms Creek Ebnd (Stop #1323) is temporarily closed. The time check has been relocated to Stop 1324.

Stops Affected:

  • Patrick Henry/Toms Creek Ebnd (#1323)

Type: Stop

Cause: Construction

Effect: Stop Moved

More Info:

Snow Stanger


Blacksburg Transit


Welcome to the Add / Drop Form page of the BT Website. Here you can electronically submit your Add / Drop requests throughout the semester.


After filling out the form and clicking "Submit Form" your request will be sent to Operations for review. When the form is successfully received you will be sent a "Form Received" email from an Operations Supervisor letting you know that your form has been received and that it is under review. This email will be sent to the email address that you specify in the form so be sure to enter a valid email address.

After review, an Operations Supervisor will send you a Confirmation email detailing the results. In most cases the Add / Drop will go through successfully with the parameters you set. However, sometimes issues may need to be corrected before acceptance. Reasons may include:

  • Invalid "Effective Date"
  • Dropped shift results in Operator falling bellow 13hr./week minimum
  • Incorrectly filled out form (boxes left unchecked, unclear information, etc.)

The Operations Supervisor who reviews your form will let you know what corrective action needs to be taken for your form to be successfully submitted, if any. Once your form has been successfully submitted and accepted all changes will go into effect on the "effective date" specified in the confirmation email.

Common Issues

  • If you have not received a "Form Received" email within 48 hours of submitting your form please email me at
  • If you have not received a "Confirmation" email within 48 hours of your form being successfully received please email me at
  • Please remember that your Add / Drop request is not valid until you have received a Confirmation email with an Effective Date from an Operations Supervisor. Do not assume that your request has gone through and is active until you have received this Confirmation email.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

Phil Andes
540.443.7100 x2105

Shift to Add or Drop

  • Please select ADD or DROP, depending on the action you want to take
  • Make sure to correctly fill out the shift you want to Add/Drop, the day of week you want that shift to be added or dropped from, and the effective date
  • The effective date for adding shifts can be immediate. The effective date for dropping shifts must be after the last day that you're scheduled for that shift in When2Work. For example, if you want to permanently drop your 11A shift on Fridays you must work all of the 11A shifts you're currently assigned to in W2W. This is usually no more than 2 weeks.