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BT has been providing masks to riders as a convenience, but due to supply chain issues BT is currently running low cannot guarantee availability on all buses. Riders without a mask will not be permitted to ride.

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Effect: Other

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The Explorer routes will run combined on 1/28. See link for additional information.

Routes Affected:

  • GLD (Explorer Gold)
  • BLU (Explorer Blue)

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Effect: Modified Service

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Bus service will end at 9:45 p.m. tonight 1/28/22

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Cause: Weather

Effect: Modified Service

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No. As a way to minimize interactions between passengers and drivers Hokie Passports and fare payments will not be required for the fall semester. (Reviewed on 1/27/2022)

Blacksburg Transit, along with all federally funded transit systems in the United States, requires all passengers to wear a mask while on a bus regardless of vaccination status. Please be prepared to wear a mask on all public transportation options. We will have a limited supply of masks for those who do not have one with them. Anyone refusing to comply with the mask requirement will not be permitted to ride the bus. (Reviewed on 1/27/2022)

About one-fourth of our fleet are bendy buses, or articulated buses, which are assigned to the routes that traditionally have the highest ridership. We’ll continue to monitor ridership levels and adjust vehicle assignments as necessary. (Reviewed on 1/27/2022)

In addition to cleaning and sanitizing our buses, we've also installed barriers to provide separation between the driver and passengers and require everyone to wear a face covering. We encourage passengers to follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines about how to protect themselves such as frequent hand washing. While BT has taken a number of actions to reduce the risk of exposure, we understand this will not meet everyone’s comfort level; we encourage you to look after yourself, and if needed seek alternate transportation options.(Reviewed 1/27/2022)

We require all passengers (and drivers) to wear a face covering while on the bus under the current FTA federal mandate. If a passenger boards a bus without a face covering the driver will ask the passenger to wear one. Please be considerate to your fellow passengers to help prevent community spread. (Updated 1/27/2022) (Reviewed 1/27/2022)

While most major apartment complexes are located on the bus routes, many are also just a short walk or bike ride from campus. Information about the roamNRV bike share program can be found at Information about alternative transportation options offered by Virginia Tech, can be found at (Reviewed 1/27/2022)

According to the CDC, transmission is unlikely in brief interactions of less than 15 minutes, even in close proximity. Fortunately, 90 percent of BT trips are leass than 15 minutes long and wearing a face covering will further decrease the chance of transmission. (Reviewed 1/27/2022)

BT’s peak and off-peak times vary each day. On average the busiest time in a morning is 30 minutes before every class begins and in the afternoon the busiest time is 30 minutes after every class ends. As a general rule, there should be fewer riders outside of these times. Traveling during off-peak will also help reduce the risk of exposure. (Reviewed 1/27/2022)

On average, new buses take about 18 months to receive after placing an order. Securing the grant funding is typically the most time consuming part and is critical since buses cost upwards of $1 million each. (Posted 8/6/2020)

We’re hiring! We hire drivers year-round and have been busy hiring and training many new drivers. We’re always looking for more drivers, so if you know someone looking for a job we start out at $13.56/hr with paid training and it makes a great part time job!(Reviewed on 1/27/2022)

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BT COVID Related Bus Info

Follow the link below for information about what BT is doing to protect the health and safety of our passengers and drivers.

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Bus Service Ends 9:45 p.m. Friday 1/28/22

Due to anticipated adverse weather BT service will end at 9:45 p.m. Friday 1/28/22 in both Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Last bus from campus at 9:15. If road conditions rapidly deteriorate service may be suspended earlier. Please continue to check here often for updates.

BT Mask Supply

Blacksburg Transit, along with all federally funded transit systems in the United States, requires all passengers to wear a mask while on a bus regardless of vaccination status. BT has been providing passengers with disposable masks for their convenience, but due to supply chain issues the next shipment of masks may not be received before the current supply runs out. Passengers should be prepared to provide their own masks or risk being refused entry.

Do not rely on BT for a mask, take one from home before heading to the bus stop.


Route and Schedule Changes Spring Semester 2022

Multiple bus routes and schedules will change for spring semester beginning Sunday 1/16/22. Some of the biggest changes incude:

  • CAS and UMS suspended.
  • Weekdays after 9:45 pm, everything is hourly (HDG/HXP, HWD/TOM, MSN/MSS).
  • Service ends early on Sunday.

For a list of all the changes please click here:

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Explorer - Combined Route

The Explorer Blue and Gold routes will be combined and operate as a hybrid route on Friday, 1/28. For simplicity, users should follow the blue route.

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